Old Projects

This blog is a mashup of some of my past projects that I hadn’t posted yet….

A friend of a friend asked me to alter her grandpa’s button up t shirt so that she could wear it. It was a plain, oversized, long sleeved, button up with cuffs and two breast pockets. I took the breast pockets off. Then, I altered the sleeves to make them short and have a little poof.Image

Here are the tucks on the sleeves.Image

I added darts in the back and front to bring out some shape.Image

I was also able to curve the sides.Image

It became a wonderful shirt that she could wear with the remembrance of her grandpa!

This next project was also a simple one. My brother, inspired by the Distillers, wanted to add zippers to some of his fright night tees. So when I was in town, I grabbed my zippers and added them. It was quite a simple add. I just sliced the tees down the center and sewed them with a clean finish.Image




Towards the end of my pregnancy, I wanted to make several things for the baby, so that I wouldn’t have to add them to my registry. One of those items was a diaper caddy. I just took some bed sheet fabric and made a simple caddy to hang on the crib. It has actually come in handy.



More Presents!!!


 For our friend’s b-day, a 49ers fan, I was able to snag some of this fleece fabric from joanns…it was going like hot cakes!  I also had this brown fur.  And the trapper hat is one of my favorite styles of hats to wear around….so I whipped this up for him.  The first one came out too small…way too small…so now we have a toddler version of this sitting pretty.Image

 This is the trapper hat with the ear flaps buttoned up.Image

 Here are the ear flaps released. Image

 For our cousin’s birthday, I made these lace covered mussel shell earrings.  Mussels are one of my favorite materials!Image

 Simple and elegant.Image

 For our newest niece, I made these ballet slipper style fabric shoes.  There is a strap that goes across the front part of her feet just behind the toes.  Then, I put little bows on top of it.Image

 The lace connects at the front of the shoe, goes around her ankles and then criss cross at the back loop and up her legs.ImageImage

 For her big sister, I made her a purse to go with her momma’s diaper bag.ImageImage

 This is the diaper bag.  Since the strap ended up being too long, we ended up pleating the strap on either side towards the bag part.  I also added buttons and flaps at the bottom so that it can be made smaller or extend to the size shown below.Image

 Here is the tail of the zipper detail.Image

 Shown below are the inner pockets close to the opening so that you don’t have to dig your whole arm into your bag.Image


Stay tuned for more of my finished projects!



 My nephew and his brothers LOVE legos.  So, since a few of them were in town (back in February), and one of them was turning a year older, I decided to make a lego head pillowcase.  The black and white are from t-shirt fabric that I still have from leftover band t-shirts.  The yellow was made from fabric I found in the remnants bin.  The best place to find fabric is the remnants bin!Image

 Since my brother’s birthday had just passed, also back in February, I decided to make him a pillowcase too!  I tried to come up with a horror movie theme….and I wasn’t like where that was going.  I saw a white pillowcase with red smeared and I didn’t like that idea…it took no brains to make that one…j/k.  Then, I dabbled with the idea of trying to make a face hugger pillowcase…but as soon as the google images came up I knew I couldn’t do it!!!

So, you can NEVER go wrong with Dr. Who stuff!  The dalek is such a popular item, so I layed it all out….and decided I liked it!  The black and gray were made from leftover t shirt fabric and the blue also from remnants!Image

Homemade Felt Books

A few months ago, my little cousins birthday was coming up and I had no idea what to make for him!……until……..the idea of the felt book came to mind.  I liked the idea that a character could follow us to each page we turned.  So I made one for him, and since I was already cutting one out….it was easier to cut for two and sew it altogether instead of doing them one by one.  I used leftover clifford fabric that I stumbled upon….forgot about haha.  The black pages are made from leftover band t shirts from my husbands and brothers old bands. Image

 Since I love dinosaurs, it was obvious what character I chose to make!Image

 Now, dinosaur can travel in a ship or in a submarine, Image


 fly in an airplane or by helicopter,Image


 Drive a jeep or a semi truck,Image

 And rest peacefully tucked under blankets as he dreams the night away!Image

 Some different pages I included in my son’s book were surfing, Image

 hiding in a bush or behind a tree,Image

 And operating a UFO or rocket ship!Image

 All the clear windows were made from those plastic sheet set holders with the zippers.  When I realized how valuable that was, I started stocking up on them!ImageSince it is primarily cotton, felt and plastic that makes up these books, they are machine washable with cold water and a gentle cycle, but I’d most likely hang dry!

Bowties are Cool!

Since I had a made three types of men fashioned bibs-the tuxedo, pocket and the v-neck bib-here’s the newest addition: the bowtie bib!  It is comprised from recycled fabrics-the blue is from a table runner, the dinosuar fabrics were scraps from a blanket I did a while ago and the gray is from black tie t-shirt scraps.



Here are a couple close up shots.  They are suitable for newborn to toddler sizes.



Now, for the grown-ups, here are some men sized bowties I made for my brother’s birthday.  The necktie is adjustable and the bowties can switch out.  These are also some more scraps I had laying around.  The maroon colored fabric is from vintage pants that I turned into shorts.  The necktie is also from the blue table runner fabric.



Here is the back view.  The neck strap buttons around the bowtie loop and closes with a skirt hook and eye.  There is elastic to ensure a snug fit.



Oh, Boy….Literally!


I didn’t want to be behind in our son’s fashion, so I did something about it! hahaha  A few weeks ago, I was asking my husband about if he liked this for the baby and that-mostly fashion tips..and he was like…I don’t know…I’m not really the one to ask….My response was…good thing I’m his mom!

I got a few hand me downs from my sister in law…who has a girl, but there were a few gender neutral things in there!  I had wanted a tye dye onesie…and came across this one! My husband had a mint green button up shirt with cool surf patches that he took from his parents’ house and wanted to reuse them somehow.  So, I was going to put them on his clothes somewhere, but they ended up on these hand me down onesies!


As I mentioned earlier how great hand me downs are, here are some more hand me downs that had not all that great embroidery done on the front.  These two shirts-the beatles and a matsumotos shaved ice t shirt were too small for me to wear…in fact the matsumotos was a kids size shirt…I haven’t been able to fit in a kids’ size shirt since like college!  So i covered the embroidery and made the onesies fantastic again!  For those who make it to oahu…matsumotos is on the north shore close to the dole plantation-both two MUST SEE/VISIT places if you make it out there!






I also had several band shirts that I don’t wear anymore…I have too many band shirts!  We inherited over two full boxes of black tie suicide shirts…which have reduced to less than one box now…I traced a onesie that I was given and figured out too late that the necklines were messed up.  I fixed the pattern now, but here are the ways I altered them so that it would be ok.






I added what looks like dinsoaur plate but then realized it wasn’t enough.  But since I couldn’t take them off without unstitching the sleeve, I just left them and added more to the neckline.  The cadillacs and dinosaurs was a t shirt my brother made for them and I drew the dinosaur with the cadillac! 





Here is a civilian and avenue of the giants t shirt made into onesies.  They are sleeveless as it gets blazing hot here in the summer!  At first, the avenue of the giants onesies neckline was made from the armhole of the shirt…the design was on the side.  Then I realized…the neckline was too big!



Here’s a close up of the altered neckline on the civilian onesie.






I have also come to realize how much i love the onesies with the shorts instead of the ones  that go up like a diaper!  Anyhow, here’s the last shirt-young widows-that stopped fitting me long ago hahaha!  This is the biggest onesie I made.  They range from 0-3 mos to 1 year!



I have more t-shirts, but am still trying to figure out how to go about the design….they are a spock, mastadon, and other t shirts that have slipped my mind at the moment.  In the meantime, I am currently working on other projects.  Sometimes when I get stuck, it helps to step away from it and then pick it up again later….



I made some vanilla ice cream sweetened with honey and experimented with cookies to make them healthier….plus were out of flour!

The ice cream was:
3 egg yolks
2 cans evaporated milk
1/2 honey
1tsp vanilla or 1 vanilla bean

I took the egg yolks and whisked it in milk over low-med heat. I tried to let it thicken, but c’mon i just wanted to eat it! So i quickly dissolved the honey(you can do less if you like, about 1/3 but definitely no less!) and added the extract. Ideally real vanilla bean would have been much more flavorful! Then i poured it into our little ice cream maker-2 qt- and filled it with milk the rest of the way.

For the cookies-i tried to do them sugarless, in fact i think i might use less next time because of all the other “sweeteners”

The cookies were:
2 cups ground oats (measured preground)
Plus i used real oats since it was a little less than 2 cups
1/4 cups flour
1/2 tsp baling soda
1/2 tsp salt

3/4 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 over ripe banana

1 egg
2 tsp vanilla

2 cups mixed raisins and craisins
1 1/2 cups toasted coconut

300• cooked for about 20 min

Whisk the first three ingredients, in a mixer mix butter, brown sugar, and banana. Add egg and vanilla. Add dry whisked powders and then mix in the craisin/raisin mixture and toasted coxonut.

Next time i need to add more dry ingredients to make up for the lessened sugar ratio. Also i would like to lessen the brown sugar content! They came out really flat almost like laceys and i had to keep turning down the heat so the bottoms wont get too burned! But overall, i would probably add more ground oats and maybe flax seed instead of all that sugar! And they cooked for so long because of the lowered temp!

But i love them! They might even taste better the next day!!