i was asked to make an advice board for our friends baby girl shower

The idea was to have a swaddled baby being carried by balloons in which the balloons would be the space to provide advice for the new parents

I looked up an idea or two and decided what i wanted to do

I got a large canvas and wrapped the middle part with lace which i scallopped and sewed onto the seam allowance of the canvas

Next i cut balloons in two dofferent sizes and several printed patterns.  I tied the bottom row to string and before i glued the bottom row i attached several strings to make it look like all the balloons were tied

For the head i cut out a silhouette and sewed it along eith a knotted lace headband

Then i added a pink swaddle

I tried to add the baby name but it wasnt looking right at all so after several minutes of fighting i decided to go without

Heres the turnout