A lot has been happening and for the first year since my absence we had no internet so I didnt have a chance to share all the happenings

Now that we have internet i still have a hard time blogging haha

But the past month ive been on bedrest during this second pregnancy but i had also picked up jobs

Though it has taken me longer than usual, because i must be laying down most of my time…i am not even allowed to sit up!!, i have still been able to finish a few orders!

The first is a first birthday hat with marabou and matching tie!

The next is a set of vintage inspired rosette fascinators which work as headbands for newborn and her toddler sister.  The newborn set is shown with lace fingerless gloves/wristlets with scalloped edges, buttons on the gathered sides and a ribbon woven through the upper part forming a bow.

This last piece is also a newborn fascinator headband inspired by cintage fascinators.  It is a tear drop piece with bow.

You can follow my work via my page at facebook.com/dotgalima