For our friend’s b-day, a 49ers fan, I was able to snag some of this fleece fabric from joanns…it was going like hot cakes!  I also had this brown fur.  And the trapper hat is one of my favorite styles of hats to wear around….so I whipped this up for him.  The first one came out too small…way too small…so now we have a toddler version of this sitting pretty.Image

 This is the trapper hat with the ear flaps buttoned up.Image

 Here are the ear flaps released. Image

 For our cousin’s birthday, I made these lace covered mussel shell earrings.  Mussels are one of my favorite materials!Image

 Simple and elegant.Image

 For our newest niece, I made these ballet slipper style fabric shoes.  There is a strap that goes across the front part of her feet just behind the toes.  Then, I put little bows on top of it.Image

 The lace connects at the front of the shoe, goes around her ankles and then criss cross at the back loop and up her legs.ImageImage

 For her big sister, I made her a purse to go with her momma’s diaper bag.ImageImage

 This is the diaper bag.  Since the strap ended up being too long, we ended up pleating the strap on either side towards the bag part.  I also added buttons and flaps at the bottom so that it can be made smaller or extend to the size shown below.Image

 Here is the tail of the zipper detail.Image

 Shown below are the inner pockets close to the opening so that you don’t have to dig your whole arm into your bag.Image


Stay tuned for more of my finished projects!