My nephew and his brothers LOVE legos.  So, since a few of them were in town (back in February), and one of them was turning a year older, I decided to make a lego head pillowcase.  The black and white are from t-shirt fabric that I still have from leftover band t-shirts.  The yellow was made from fabric I found in the remnants bin.  The best place to find fabric is the remnants bin!Image

 Since my brother’s birthday had just passed, also back in February, I decided to make him a pillowcase too!  I tried to come up with a horror movie theme….and I wasn’t like where that was going.  I saw a white pillowcase with red smeared and I didn’t like that idea…it took no brains to make that one…j/k.  Then, I dabbled with the idea of trying to make a face hugger pillowcase…but as soon as the google images came up I knew I couldn’t do it!!!

So, you can NEVER go wrong with Dr. Who stuff!  The dalek is such a popular item, so I layed it all out….and decided I liked it!  The black and gray were made from leftover t shirt fabric and the blue also from remnants!Image