A few months ago, my little cousins birthday was coming up and I had no idea what to make for him!……until……..the idea of the felt book came to mind.  I liked the idea that a character could follow us to each page we turned.  So I made one for him, and since I was already cutting one out….it was easier to cut for two and sew it altogether instead of doing them one by one.  I used leftover clifford fabric that I stumbled upon….forgot about haha.  The black pages are made from leftover band t shirts from my husbands and brothers old bands. Image

 Since I love dinosaurs, it was obvious what character I chose to make!Image

 Now, dinosaur can travel in a ship or in a submarine, Image


 fly in an airplane or by helicopter,Image


 Drive a jeep or a semi truck,Image

 And rest peacefully tucked under blankets as he dreams the night away!Image

 Some different pages I included in my son’s book were surfing, Image

 hiding in a bush or behind a tree,Image

 And operating a UFO or rocket ship!Image

 All the clear windows were made from those plastic sheet set holders with the zippers.  When I realized how valuable that was, I started stocking up on them!ImageSince it is primarily cotton, felt and plastic that makes up these books, they are machine washable with cold water and a gentle cycle, but I’d most likely hang dry!