Well, my birthday was a while ago…but I just HAD to post these photos of the cake!  My sister in law makes wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cake pops, pretty much anything!  Here’s what she made me:

Chocolate truffle cake!!!



She made several cakes for a wedding back in November, and this was one of them.  It’s her truffle recipe that she uses to make classic French style truffles with a spongy, chocolaty goodness surrounding it topped off with chocolate ganache and milk chocolate shavings!

Recently, several sweets get me sick too fast-because i eat them too fast for my brain to realize what i’m doing HAHAHAHA-but this is one thing that NEVER gets me sick!  It was all gone the next day!



If you have a birthday coming up, or any event…say a happy monday event hahaha it can be anything…THIS  is the cake YOU will want!