I know this is kind of late, but here are some of last year’s christmas presents!

My sister in law had asked for a wallet, so I made her one with matching fabrics to go with the purse I made her earlier that year.



There are six card slots, which of course you can double up on…facing all one way so the magnetic strips don’t mingle.


Then, there’s multiple dollar folds to keep them separated.


It closes with a magnetic snap.

Also, since she is having twins, I made her a loose fitting top…because i don’t know her measurements. The funny part was throwing this top on my mannequin, which is an impossibly small size and I didn’t have much to use for a baby bump. I ended up using a salad bowl!



Here’s the tummy scrunch part.


The empire belt can be tied at front, or in back.


Here’s the lace sleeve with various length hem.


For our friends here, I made some turtle bars. Caramel bottom with chocolate and pecans. The second batch, I didn’t have access to my candy OR meat thermometer, as both were running in the dish washer, so the caramel part didn’t have the same consistency as the first and last batches. Also, The foil stuck to some pieces that were later determined as unsalvageable!


I also threw a basket together for my in laws from my parents and had fun figuring out how to make these bows!