Today i tried another pinterest recipe

It was chocolate ice cream with no added sugar!

Here is the recipe!



Of course i did some alterations! Me and my substitutions!

First of all, i used honey instead of agave, because thats what i had. Also, joy made a chocolate ganache-just the choc and heavy cream-and she had leftovers, so i took it to use for this recipe. I will post her cake soon! It was amazing!!!! BOMBazing!!!

Then instead of using half and half, i used 2 cans of evaporated milk. I also didnt strain the chocolate honey mixture because it was smooth and fluid! I also used 3 egg yolks instead of 5 and omited the salt! I also did the last step a little differently-i just mixed the yolks and milk and then warmed it to thicken-it got really thick, so i let it thicken to get that rich creamy ice cream texture!

I also skipped the blending part. I just whisked it by hand.

Then i also added malt-it is optional-to taste!
This is really yummy!!

I might have to make more!!!


After eating it the next day, i found out that it doesnt harden like some other homemade ice creams do. It was soft and easy to scoop and perfect!