In my constant need to eat the foods i want, and being on a strict budget (as in spend no money budget), i am always on pinterest…literally….hahaha

So from then on everything was/is strictly homemade! Thus brings up the power of substitution! Today i looked up a recipe for substituting eggs! Not because its unhealthy, but we have none at the moment, but i do have flax seed!!! I began my hunt on pinterest fo things like homemade taco bell food (including homemade tortillas) to homemade pf changs-which we had last night! And the best thing is i make it so i know whats in it and i can substitute sugars for healthier things like honey or juices or sometimes it doesnt really need sugar!

And since greek yogurt is something we keep on hand(for substituting sour cream, making ranch dressing, etc etc) i decided to get the yogurt to make this!

Btw FAGE greek yogurt has the best texture and cream for using as sour cream!

Anyhow heres the recipe.

And heres how i altered it:

I blended the frozen berries (instead of just the strawberries the recipe calls for) with juice of two lemons instead of 1/2 a lemon sothat i can strain the seeds out….

Well i ended up adding less than a cup of water and it was still too thick, so i didnt end up straining it but in the end, its not really noticeable.

Next time i will add juice of 4 lemons-i like it sour! Maybe next time i wont add sugar!!

I also have a little left over berry topping as the recipe says pour only half into the ice cream maker, but i went ahead and did more than that so i can have more flavor-i dont really like syrup toppings anyway.