When we went back “home” for a visit, we celebrated my father in laws bday!
Both josephs parents are diabetic but do NOT take insulin and control it by diet! So momma found a low carb no sugar chocolate cake made with black beans!!!

It was pretty amazing! Pretty dense but super soft and melted in your mouth! The recipe has you make two layers, but we just did one and frosted the top only. We used xylotol and powdered xylotol.

here’s the recipe!


Heres daddy blowing out the candles!!


Heres my first bite…..


For those who do not like the bitterness of cocoa powder (which i do), omit 1-2 tbs of cocoa powder in the frosting as well as the salt.

Now, to rewind time even more, heres the pecan “pie” from thanksgiving,

The hotel did not have a pie dish and i forgot to bring one from my moms house, so i used a bowl!

I attempted to make a turkey freehand with the leftover crust! And i was planning on using pecans for feathers, not thinking of the pecan decor already showing! Oh well!


I baked the turkey with the pie crust cookies so that it wouldnt sink into the pie. It was completely detachable!

Heres more leftover pie crust and i added brown sugar on top with pecans!


The pie crust recipe can be found from better homes and gardens while the pie recipe is a family secret!