When I visited Topshop/Topman in Vegas, I was surprised to see the women’s clothes were not as affordable as I remember them being….oh well…so i walked over to the guys’ section to see if I can find clothes for Joseph.

He checked out the clearance and after half a second he returns to say that there is nothing…so I budged a few steps and said..what do you mean there’s nothing…I can see the FULL racks of the clearance from here!….Nevermind…I’ll go look! hahaha

So I not only found affordable clothes for him…but the men’s t shirts had amazing prints and were even cheaper being regular price than the women’s clearance! So i stumbled upon a men’s $2 pink v-neck t-shirt…I snagged the XL….that was all that was left! Didn’t matter ’cause here’s what I did:

Heres the before look:


Thanks to my family, my husband’s parents, and my husband for giving me this new toy to take photos with. I busted out the Nikon for these ones!

Here’s the front view. Without taking anything in, like usual, I just took up the sleeves, which made the armholes smaller and added lace strings at the sides to tie at the back empire line.



Here’s the faux epaulet with the extra large buttons pulling up the enlarged armhole.  Also, there is elastic on the lower side seams to allow for growth.





The shoulder was pleated to minimize the broadened shoulder length.




And here’s a look at the lace tie back.


Topman V-Neck redefined.