So i wanted to make a quick dessert…

Cookies are always fast and easy to get rid of!

There was only one problem-no eggs


Ok thats ok-im known for cutting corners and substituting things!! Bahahahaha

So i googled it and for real! It said to use a banana for each egg in the recipe-this is specifically for chocolate chip cookies

So ok…we have frozen bananas on hand for when joseph makes banana bread-easy fix

But i hate bananas and the only time i eat it is if its in bread! With chocolate chips hahahaha!

So i made my usual cookie recipe-it actually calls for one whole egg and one egg yoke, but i just put one banana anyway….i also substituted 1/4 cup of flour for flax seed, instead of the usual 1/2 cup i do…sometimes the 1/2 cup can get a little gritty in between your teeth but the taste is not affected….

And of course-under cook as usual for the softest gooyest cookies that melt away in your mouth!!

And to my surprise!!! No yucky banana flavor! I can smell it more than taste it! And i dont fet sick from eating too many! Haha! To test my theory i “accidentally” ate two and the sickness i usually get from eating too many sweets had not shown its face yet!!