In filipino homes it is hard to escape the torture of eggroll making….

It is a lengthy process…and though i hate making them i love to eat them!

Heres the thin wrappers my mom gets from the filipino store…i dont like the thick asian ones…


Then comes the separating of the papers which if you do it right you wont break any…


Heres the massive mountain of innards we used to fill the eggrolls-a mixture of ground pork and chicken so it doesnt stiffen like beef does…as well as secret spices and carrots and green onions

You can pretty much fill them with whatever you want…


My mom is particular on how to roll them-roll it thin so it cooks all the way through…its a process of messaging the meats so it thins out within the tube….the. It turned into something like rolling a sleeping bag trying not to rip the paper…


At this point you can freeze them pr cook them or refridgerate for later use…


Here is joseph frying them



These were made by my mom, sister in law and me while joseph fried. Theyre best served with a secret sauce my mom makes. Its like a thick sweet an sour sauce….mmmmmmmm ma sarap!