Usually i dont do cupcakes or cakes…i dont really like doing them and i love joys and naomis better anyway!

Well we decided to make these for a bridal shower….

So i talked myself into finishing them haha

We bought fondant and im glad i did because some things didnt end so well

But at least there was no cake batter or icing thrown violently in the kitchen!! Im pretty proud of that!


I used our family’s mayonnaise cake recipe, a chocolate cake that is super moist it falls apart in your mouth. Of course i added flax seed hehehehe. And i used sugar baby’s swiss butter cream recipe. I ended up having to thicken it with more sugar and butter as advised by joy because it was too runny. The directions said to whip it to soft peaks and that never happened….

Oh well it worked out after several hours!


Then, joy made the beautiful hearts! And i ruffled so fondant which was actually harder than i thought!


Overall, i didnt end up tasting them but im satisfied with the way they turned out!