So i was browsing pinterest and found a homemade crunchwrap recipe, here, since i have been craving taco bell like everyday!!

Now there are some adjustments to be made because we are on an even tighter budget but i refuse to not eat or not make what i want when i want!

So i made flour tortillas but the biggest pan is not sufficient enough to make the big tortilla size, so we wrapped it like this:


Then i cooked the ground beef an used the taco seasoning spice blend from here

I had always seasoned taco beef with many things but never thought to put cumin or paprika or some other things that are in that spice blend.

We also input kale and i usually like the flavor of kale but for this particular dish i am surprised to say i prefer romaine lettuce…a more muted taste.


My last replacement was we disnt have sour cream and we couldnt have taco bell without sour cream! But i read online that greek yogurt can be replaced with sour cream and OMG it works amazingly!!!! Even hubby said he was fooled!! And he always criticizes my replacements! Hahaha


Good thing we have fire sauce on hand!!