The honey wants tacos, but were totally drained of any ruffage

We have a well rounded ration of ground beef well seasoned thanks to the milleTs!!

So we picked our homegrown tomatoes, cherry and roma, and realized we had to throw out the rotting ones that seemed to slip up beneath our noses


The cheese was a last min quick add

Seriously this cheese is made faster than you can blink!

Like the same recipe i made before, i halfed it.

Half a gallon of milk
Half a cup of vinegar
An abyss of salt

Heat the milk to 190•, stirring so the bottom doesnt burn

I added the abyss of salt when it got closer to 190 so it will dissolve somewhat but not completely

Take off heat, add vinegar and mix

Let it sit and drain the whey

The whey i freeze to us as a milk substitute for baked goods from desserts to breads to anything that uses milk!