I decided to try and see if i cant make amarettis

As much as i love buying two for .50 at dedricks

I must find a way to have them on hand!!


The second time i put them in molds

Althought maybe this time they didnt need them!

The first time i made them i use theanual food processor to powder the almonds

It wasnt processed enough do it ended up thinning out a lot!!

There were almond chunks, which i was ok with

But the consistancy was messed up


Then i did it again but used the blender this time

I could have made round drops and baked them but these things stick sooooo bad

So i decided to use silicone molds from now on

I iced the bottoms and pushed out all points and when i finally figured out how to push them out right they didnt fall apart anymore!!

The silicone is also easy for cleanup since i can pop the cups inside out!



To me i love these amaretti treats best hot out of the oven: toasted on the outside and chewy inside

They are hard and crunchy the longer they sit out!!

It was so easy to make! And only uses a few ingredients!! (i got my recipe from all recipes)

It calls for regular sugar but im sure powdered sugar will work fine(since you grind it all up anyway!)