Tonight i was going to make the cinabon recipe but make it into a monkey bread and use up my apples

But we had no milk…ehich was ok because i have a ton of whey from the first time i made cheese that i could sub instead of milk

But then we are pretty much out of butter and almost out of flour!!

Arggg!! I hate running out of necessities!!

Like butter!!


So i made salted blondies again!!

We still have apples that need to be used up

Except this time i melted all the butter in the dish and left it out of the recipe…so the blondies were very dense and dry…i had to press it into the deep pie dish!!

I added more salt to the pan as well!!
I left the chocolates out but used white chocolate

I had more apples than what fit since joseph requested that they be in bigger chunks this time

So i wedged the remaining apples and layed them out on top and sprinkled penzeys cinnamon sugar on it

It took a long time for the center to bake, so i covered the edges and was able to catch it before it got burned!!

Omg i love this one better!!