So thanks to momma i searched for a red velvet cake using beets to color it and i had already made changes as i made it, for example i disnt put yogurt, because i didnt have any and it was a small amount and i used apple cider vinegar instead of the balsamic it calls for!!

It came out darker and too oily so for the wedding i will put less oil and less cocoa

Since it was too oily the chocolate seemed to slip off while solidifying and it wept a little but in the future i can roll them in powdered sugar if the oil reduction is still too much…

I also used whey instead of milk since i had a lot leftover from making cheese!!

But this recipe is pretty good!!


And since we were going to our friends house for the first time

Why not homemade cinnamon rolls using apples and the cinnabon recipe!!


The middle was a bit too gooey for me

But i still loved it!!