Thanks to sarah for posting this simple cheese recipe on pinterest

I made it!!

This recipe is a soft, crumbly cows milke cheese….use goats milk to make this goat cheese!!

It is similar to a queso fresco!


Not knowing what i was doing i decided to use two thermometers to check and see if the temp was consistant!!


I did end up burning the bottom a little
But not too bad!!

Here is a good indication of good curdling going on!!



Almost done with the cheesemaking process here


And yayy it came out right!!

I researched uses for whey as you will get a TON of whey when you make this!!

If anything, its good for the garden!!

Also next time i make this cheese…i think i want to add more salt and maybe some habañero or maybe more herbs or even a sweet ad spicy cheese yummm

We will have to see!!

If you want to make this follow those instructions on that blog very carefully and do NOT use ultra pasteurized milk!!

Happy cheesemaking!!