I kept reading and reading about cake pops on bakerella thanks to naomi!

And i decided i dont want to read about it anymore! I just want to make them already!!!


So i made them very large and not so well…

So i made a mayonaise cake which is super moist already
And when i was taking the cake out to crumble, not all of it had been cooked very well

So i ahould have taken that part out but i didnt…why? Dont know

I then proceeded to dip them in not enough butterscotch and it was running kind of thin…


So next time when i make them…probably in a few days, im gonna get milk…because were out, try red velvet recipe from bakerella and make them smaller
And freeze them, like the peanut butter balls..


I will let you know then…

And yes, sal theres milled flax seed!!