Our dear friend, doug, hunts and he gave us some duck…i eat duck…i have never cooked it
Our friends have been wanted to do pecking duck with us so we were like we have a duck!

So i challenged myself

It was great!

I soaked it in vinegar the day before then marinated it in the spices i had from the recipe…mostly cinnamon ginger and soy sauce and honey….steamed it for an hour then roasted it

I was so excited to do all this! I had never done anything like this!

It wasnt exactly like pecking duck
It actually reminded me of a pork recipe i grew up with!

I also made the steamed buns the day before

When i realized how easy it is i think i want to make these more!!


Then the dessert

We had lotsa apples

I thought honey cinnamon apple ginger walnut in a pie crust i adapted from the better homes cook book!

No soy!

I enjoyed this dinner!!! Yummmm
I love trying new things!!!

Thank you Doug for giving us some duck!!! I almost said no because i didnt know what to do but im sooooooo glad i didnt!!!