Today in the kitchen while peeling the oranges for the twins snack i decided to try and hand carve them out to see how hard it was
Well i did one an just kept going!


Also this apple experiment


We got lots of apples for us to eat throughout the week
But some are goif bad already

So for tonights dinner i baked chixken and made this sauce:
Lawrys salt
Sanaam peppers
And crushed garlic

It tastes yummmm cant wait to taste it on the chicken!!

Also to come: apple cinnabon rolls for fri night

And tomorrow a special pecking duck with plum sauce an steamed buns

I already made the plum sauce and working on the steamed buns after it decides ts done rising…

And hunted duck is in the fridge soaking in vinegar to get the gamey flavour out!

Stay tuned!!