I experimented with the artisan bread recipe i have

Heres what i did

First i have to half it because i wanted to make a sweet bread and a sandwich bread

For the sweet bread
I did the normal artisan recipe
Plus brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, and a little tiny bit of salt and milled flax seed

For the sandwich one i threw in everything i could find

I put cayenne, garlic, homegrown jalapeños, rosemary and milled flax seed

Then after they were made i found a bunch more i could have put in like green onions, cheese, muchrooms
oh well
Ill add it to the sandwich


The cinnamon bread i not too sweet

Which is perfect because i intended it to be with jam
Or it can be eaten alone

Thw sandwich bread has a good pow of spicy
Not too much but can also be eaten alone

…now… If i can only remember how much of each ingredient to put in for next time…..hahahahaha

Oh yes and by the way
The oven is extremely hot when it is on!!! Like it can burn off your outer layer of skin

Just a warning!!