I wanted to make something special for valentines day for the twins

And instead of rotting their teeth heres a special non edible treat!

I made crayons and coloring books myself!


First i had to cut the paper part off all the crayons i had laying around


Then bake them in a silicone heart shaped mold

Make sure it is oven safe
Otherwise it will be the last time you see that mold
Not to mention the mess it will make!

Our oven was on self clean for almost 4 hrs and during that time the whole house smelled like burning plastic with a slight undertaste of crayons!!


So here they are
I got tired of seperating some tiny pieces
You can tell in some of them

And only one broken heart



And here are the lovely coloring books
Accented with various colored felts

Then i sewed up a side to bound them

E-mail for pricing info! Thanks for looking!!