Today i decided to experiment yet again

This one was an apple crisp recipe taken from the bride book but then i altered it much

I prepared two granny smith apples, as thats all i had and the recipe calls for 6
So i shouldve cut back on the brown sugar mix
But did i?


I wasnt thinking and so i put 1/4 less brown sugar, 1/2 milled flax seed which isnt in there at all

I put the lemon juice in the mix instead of the apples, i may have slightly over cooked it, but i was using the microwave recipe but baked it instead

I put a ton of cinnamon+ from pampered chef

Then i threwnit all in my deep dish stoneware

That stuff is good!!

Heres how it came out
Hopefully its good hahahah


A warm buttery apple treat with ice cream or whipped cream

This would also be good with crushed pecans!! Too bad i didnt think of it sooner!!