I made these beauties today!
I was always frustrated that i couldnt make them the way joy does!! So soft, melts in your mouth that when you drool, you’re actually drooling freshly baked dough and warm chocolate chips that make your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth the way peanut butter does!

Well i tried a little harder today
And i didnt leave them unattended nor did i miscalculate the time for cooking or even leave the timer unexposed!

I made sure to make them not too big either as they came out super bready the last time!

I wanted to put white chocolate chips as well but mistookthe butter scotch bag for white chocolate! In my mind i had not used them although i had already used them for the seven layer bars the week before!!
Oh well

My plan was to input chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and craisins……but instead i put an overload of chocolate chips, as i usually do, and craisins!

Now i dont like craisins raw, only baked! And especially with white chocolate chips!!

I love my pampered chef stonewares!!


Oh no! I was too busy baking the cookies that taking meat out for dinner just happened to slip my mind….just like how a lot of things i usually do during my break did….oops!!