I was wanting to make something easy but fruity and something that I had never made before. I had no fruit…so that was out..no lemon bars, no fruit cupcakes, but wait! I have LOADS of homemade jam!!

Joy had given me blackberry, Janet gave us strawberry, and my father-in-law gave us lo-quat jam
all in various amounts!

So i was going to make a pie crust…but then I remembered with the 7 layer bars, that I can make a different crust, rather than throwing flour all over the kitchen!

Because I had a limited time and ingredients, I decided to throw a bag of graham crackers in my manual food processor!

Then, I melted about 3/4 to 1 cup butter
and pumped the handle some more to process.

Looked golden and yummy! and definitely smelled heavenly!

I spooned a little bit into each cup of my deluxe mini muffin pan! It’s great how it’s nonstick! Then I pressed it with my mini tart shaper and wiggled it a little so that some of the mixture would go up the sides.

I spooned a little bit of the homemade jam into each cup.

I had a lot of the graham cracker butter mixture, so I decided to cover some of them, kind of like the concept of a covered pie. Then, I pressed it down a little in hopes that the whole piece would stay together and not fall to pieces as soon as I lift them out!


Quick mini jam tarts!

So yummy with the sweetness from the jams and a little bit of saltiness from the butter!

Oh butter, what would I do without you?!!