Thanks to erica and the invention of the internet, I put together enough to create extracts!

Thank you also to Joy for donating vanilla beans generously!

First I cut the beans in half, then split them open lengthwise. The tricky part was keeping all the beans and guts inside or at least in the containers!

Then, I put them in the pom glasses. Now, I know this is a lot of vanilla extract, but I was thinking I could split them up later into smaller containers and include the beans, because after half of it is gone, You can refill the bottle with the alcohol and let it sit for a couple months, shaking it every other day or so, and you’re set to go!

So, I made one vodka and one bourbon vanilla extract!

The hard part is waiting for it to become useable!

Erica made extract for a gift. That’s right, these make awesome gifts, household items, etc. You can dress up the container with ribbons, or put them in mason jars! Be creative!

Next month or so, our lemons will be ripe! So I will make a lot of lemon extract, as our tree produces a plethora or lemons!

I used 5 vanilla beans to 1 1/2 cups of alcohol. Set for a couple of months, shaking every so often. The same idea applies to other extracts such as lemon, orange, mint, etc.