So i kept seeing those woven baskets made out of newspaper, magazines, etc.
Well i was looking for a basket to use for our fresh vegetables without speding money…story of my life…anyway

I Wish i had reeds or something natural to use for baskets, but am at a loss for now…

I tried to look up tutorials on how to do this…they all said fold it this measurement by this and make 20
Yeah right like i am really gonna sit there and fold twenty little lines while these cute little twins are trying to play with them!!
So i quickly scratched that idea

I did 5×5 big ones
And wove it the best i could…usually there should be even amount of strips on all sides…like i said i did the best i could…no sewing the bottom
No staples
Just packing tape at the very end where needed
Some strips i was able to tuck in

Here it is

As you can see you dont need 20 thin lines or to sew the bottom!!