Ok so i was scrambling for ideas when I found out that Carrie and I were in charge of a baby shower that was coming up like at the end of the week!!!
Jist kidding…i had like a week and a half hahaha

I found this cute idea, and, as usual, ran with it!!

I never make quilts…i just dont habe enough patience!!
So in order to retrieve squares, decorated squares, the guests were the ones that decorated the squares with puffy paints-wouldnt recommend that, but that was something everyone knew how to use!! Even children decorated them!!

I tried my best…here it is





There is the back of it!!


There it is wrapped up like a sleeping bag!!


As many of you know, Matt Falkenstein kindly goes over to his grandpa’s house and, after reading the funnies, collects them and donates them to me, so that I may always have affordable wrapping paper!! Well, i did not have a way to wrap this neatly, so I made a bag for it!!!